A Few Supplier benefits


Let’s talk about what it takes to get RFQs… not sales leads, but targeted actionable RFQs,

As a supplier of construction materials and services you have limited options other than spending significant time, effort and expense on traditional advertising and direct sales and marketing efforts in your hunt for sales leads. And there are no guarantees these sales leads will result in requests for quotation (RFQs) for what you sell. 

Advertising in buyer’s guides, trade journals and directories. One or two ads here and there simply will not cut it. To be effective these methods require ad campaigns. And as you probably know these campaigns are expensive.

The first requirement is you have to pre-pay for your ads to be published.


Then you have to rely on the advertising company’s ability to get buyers to use their publications.

And then, you have to rely on the buyer using these publications to conduct research to find your ad. 

And because your ad cannot convey all you sell, you have to hope your ad addresses what the buyer is looking to buy.

Bottom line is you have to wait and hope that buyers find you. If buyers don’t look for additional supply sources, you’ll never be found.

When you really think about it, this is a really poor way to find sales leads. And advertising companies have recognized this by leveraging their print advertising with ad platforms.

Advertising platforms, like Thomas.net and Hoovers.com enable suppliers to be listed in directory listings, under categories, sub-categories with all matter of sorting options and other bells and whistles. And suppliers can list everything they sell. Sounds great…right?

Better than print advertising at generating sales leads? Probably so. But for more expense, suppliers still have to rely on these websites to attract buyers and generate web traffic. And buyers still have to conduct research to comb these sites to find you. 

Once again, you’ve pre-paid to advertise, you’re at the mercy of the ad company’s SEO ability, and if buyers don’t have a need to look for you, you will never be found. Arguably not the best way to go.

So, what do you do? Take the bull by the horns… be pro-active… control your own destiny… create your own company website.

Company websites are more expensive than listing on advertising platforms. Company sites have to be created, hosted and continually managed. To be effective they have to be advertised (Google Ad Words) to drive traffic to your site, because if you simply build it, buyers WILL NOT come. Google what you sell, and you’ll quickly find yourself chasing web site optimization rather than looking for sales leads. 

Bottom line remains, your website requires buyers to research the Internet to find you. If they don’t have the need to research, you will never be found.

So what’s the alternative? I know. Let’s hire sales people… real road warriors. That will surely get the job done.

Sales people remain the only viable path for suppliers to get sales leads and convert them into actual RFQs. Problem is this method is the most expensive of all. Salaries, travel expenses, benefits, marketing materials, lead generation sourcing, and management personnel to oversee and track each sales person’s performance is required. 

Bottom line: more pre-payments hoping for sales leads that turn into RFQs.

Well, QuoteQuest.net has an answer.

QuoteQuest replaces expensive, inefficient advertising, and expensive sales personnel used to get sales leads with unprecedented access to targeted quote opportunities for an unrivaled price any supplier can afford.

You tell us what you sell, and our growing proprietary database of 700,000+ buyers of construction materials and services delivers streams of RFQs from buyers nationwide for exactly what you sell.

You can browse through RFQ opportunities, or have them emailed to you daily.

There are no pre-payments to view RFQs. We deliver timely RFQs for your review. Only after you’ve decided to quote are you asked for payment.

You can bid on an individual line item basis, or subscribe for unlimited access and quoting ability on an affordable monthly or yearly basis.

After bids close, we deliver iterating bid feedback loops that make you more competitive, increasing you understanding of you “sweet spot”, and help you identify RFQs where you are most likely to be successful.

And here’s an industry first. We provide advertising on a performance basis. If your QuoteQuest advertising does not produce RFQs for exactly what you sell, then you do not pay for your ad.

Too good to be true? No pre-payment to view RFQs, targeted RFQs emailed to you daily, bids are encrypted and go directly to buyers, quote analytics after bids close (bid analytics never divulge supplier identities), and performance based advertising is all becoming a reality.

Check out our How it Works for Suppliers video to learn more.