A Few Buyer Benefits

QuoteQuest provides the following:


Are you using Word and email to create, and issue RFQs, spreadsheets to analyze supplier responses, and then back to Word to issue purchase awards? Then you know all this doesn’t integrate well, and is hugely time consuming. 

Are you finding that your company management system doesn’t interface with other management functions and is cumbersome and “clunky to use?

Well, QuoteQuest.net is fixing this. Let’s first talk about using Word and spreadsheets.

The first point is QuoteQuest provides the following service to buyers at no cost, on an unlimited basis, unlimited number of users.

We cut the time it takes to create RFQs by 50% and more.

We automatically fill in your address, ship to, comments / notes, terms & condition, and other fields. (All can be edited on the fly.)

QuoteQuest remembers your typing habits and automatically completes and populates your items descriptions.

We display historical purchase data per item, and compare it to the last lowest price quoted by suppliers nationwide.

You select the suppliers on your supplier list, click submit, and QuoteQuest emails / faxes your RFQs to all selected suppliers with one "click".

It’s known that suppliers in hot construction areas charge less than suppliers in areas where construction is less than hot.

Our growing database of 300,000 + suppliers provides buyers’ the option to access suppliers regionally and across the nation to obtain the most competitive pricing. 

QuoteQuest has eliminated your posting supplier replies to spreadsheets. No more typing and cutting & pasting data.

We automatically highlight the lowest price for each item, lowest total bid price, and verify price extensions.

You have the option to select a supplier, click on the lowest overall bid, and create and issue a purchase award (containing your standard terms & conditions) with a simple “click”.

Or you can issue multiple individual purchase awards to each supplier with the lowest item bids with a simple “click”. This has shown to produce overall savings of 5% to 20% per RFQ. Saving $5,000 to $20,000 on a $100,000 RFQ is BIG

Management approval reports are a single click away. All RFQ data is saved for future retrieval, and are editable for re-use… no point in re-creating RFQs over and over again!

QuoteQuest eliminates wasted time researching suppliers that cannot compete. Why research a supplier, check their credentials, and send them an RFQ only to find they’re not competitive? It’s better to let QuoteQuest send your RFQs to suppliers regionally or nationwide, find the most competitive suppliers, and then qualify them. Spock to Kirk… captain, it’s simply logical.

QuoteQuest is being developed to augment existing large clunky management systems, not replace them. Results can be down loaded in any format for system integration. Specific system integration is on the drawing board. 

Meanwhile, check out our video to see How it Works for Buyers.